Welcome to the official website for the Police Officer Support Team
Milwaukee, WI

POST Phone Number-(414) 352-5125
 POST email: milwpolicepost@gmail.com

Our phone line is a 24 hour a day, confidential line with voice mail capabilities.  Only the POST Board can access the voice mail and email.  Neither the Milwaukee Police Command Staff, its Supervisors, nor any other employee has access.

Established by Milwaukee Police Officers in 1986, POST serves ALL members of the Law Enforcement Community, officers returning from or in active Military duty, and their families, regardless of jurisdiction or department. 

POST is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization
The Mission Statement of The
Police Officer Support Team 

The Mission statement of the Police Officer Support Team (POST) is to provide members of the law enforcement community, who may be suffering from emotional, personal, physical, or stress related difficulties, access to high quality support services so as to have an opportunity to work at resolving any difficulties they may be experiencing.

The Police Officer Support Team exists to provide a voluntary and confidential outlet for officers, employees, and their families, who have a need to talk about conflicts of feelings they may have concerning their job, their home situations, or both.