Alcohol/Substance Abuse

   Dr. John Violanti stated in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin (Jan. 1999) that alcohol abuse among police officers in the U.S. is approximately double that of the general population where 1 in 10 adults abuses alcohol.  Alcohol is often considered part of an officer’s lifestyle and culture and the problem is seldom addressed.  The stress experienced by law enforcement officers may lead to not only abusing alcohol but also illegal substances.  Only when the substance abuse problem gets the attention of the department due to a violation of a policy or law related to the issue does the problem get addressed.  Officers who do have an AODA problem are frequently reluctant to seek help prior to getting into trouble for fear of losing their job or being subjected to disciplinary action.  In addition, the stigma of being labeled as having a substance abuse problem may be overwhelming for some. 

   Seek help.  Do not allow your problem to affect your work, family and personal life.  There are a number of treatment program options available.  Do not try to do it alone.  Get a professional opinion.  Detoxification in a medical facility may be in order.  Doing this without the assistance of medical professionals may not only be dangerous to your health but deadly (especially for alcohol).  Once you get over this hurdle, there are a number of programs available.  Some require group work, inpatient treatment or one-on-one therapy.  Below you will find resources available to assist you in overcoming your addiction.  - center/treatment locator - center/treatment locator - treatment locator/info abuse self-assessment abuse self-assessment group for families of addicts group for families of addicts Violence website

POST has created this website and it's pages to assist you with finding the help that you may need by providing information on services in our area. We encourage you to contact us with your ideas to make the site better. Also, if you know of other helpful resources that may not be listed here, we would like to know about them. 
POST also has a small library of resource books that are available for you to check out and use covering topics such as police related shooting, cop suicide, alcoholism and drug use, and many other other traumatic issues.  

Financial Resources
24-hour Addictions Referral Network 1-800-577-4740
Alcohol and Drug Referral Helpline 1-800-454-8966
Alcoholics Anonymous (Milwaukee) 414-771-9119
WEST ALLIS - Al-Anon Family Groups of SE WI (414-257-2415)
Cocaine Anonymous 414-445-5433
Narcotics Anonymous 1-866-913-3837
Click on the scroll above to get a brochure on Healthiest Cudahy Collaborations. They provide all different kinds of help and support from food and clothing to addiction issues.
Ever wonder about Police Psychology? The below link will connect yo with a blog about Police Psychology,and the PDF will show you what books are available in this topic.